xaxona (xaxona) wrote in dl_series,

Important Announcement!

I am placing any journal that shows ideas or secretive things under friends only. SO, if you are not on the friends list or you have not joined this community, you will NOT be able to see some of the stuff I put. I am going to try to keep as little as I can from Friends Only because I want everyone to be able to see easily, but there are some treasured things that I do not want the whole world to be able to see yet until I am ready.

For example, the journal that will immediately follow this one is going to be more in depth about the Endolan Language and even introducing some new creatures that I have been making up. I want to keep these rather secretive save for the few who may watch this community. I am also trying to work out the name issue still... It looks like I may have to change names for sure.... and it makes me so sad....

So, if you are not added as a member and would like to be, please click the join community button. I am not sure that if you are only watching this community that you will be able to see the friends only stuff (that means you Kiria, you cheeky monkey). So, yes. Make sure you do both or mostly just the join part otherwise you won't see some cool stuff. Also, I am not putting everything under the friends only, but if I do excerpts or other sensitive material, they will be.

Thanks everyone!

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