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The Dragon Light Language

So, I have been working on the language for Dragon Light. Spent some time last night trying to decide what the cosenants would sound like and I ran into a problem. Originally the Endolan Alphabet was going to remove the letter G from it and instead combine N and G to make the letter NG. The letter N would never be infront of a G in any words unless it were there to form the letter NG and then there would be no solitary letter G. ...Sounds all right, yes? I liked it a lot because it makes a very lovely sound.... but then I realized that there is a huge problem with that. What is the name of one of our main characters? Yes... that's right... EvaNGeline...

This is not the only problem in her name. No. But with that aside let's consider the other character's names as well. So now, I either have to change character names or change the language. I am stuck. I have considered the possibility of changing the spelling of everyone's name... but I am not sure if I could do that. So, I could possibley say that only the characters who come from a place where the language is spoken have to have their name spelled in that language's way. This could work because not everyone will speak the Endolan Language... But it brings back the point that Evangeline's name would still have to change since she is the daughter or an Oracle and Oracles will most definately know the language. ...Maybe her name could be in English anyway in an attempt to make her seem more normal than she is (being and Elacle and all...)

Hmm... What to do... What to do... Would it be too confusing to have 1 or possibley 2 of the main characters' names in Endolan while the rest are in English? ...Maybe... I suppose it could come up in a conversation as well. Kyo`oko's name is spelled in an Endolan sort of manner... Meaning with the backwards apostraphy since I may end up changing the letter spelling depending on the consenants and vowels I choose... But the backwards apostraphy is a sign for an accent... sort of. It almost seperates the letters before it from the letters after it. It makes some lovely sounds. I have also decided that Lelluen's name may change to the spelling Lel`luen or possibley L`luen. As of right now both are pronounced the same... but it may or may not change.

Oh, I just thought I would also put up what the translated alphabet is.

M B D R F V H Ch X S K J N Ng Ts Dj L P


Man I have a lot of work to do!
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