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Dragon Light Rough Excerpt [29 Nov 2006|10:45pm]

Ha! So, here it is, my friends. I have a special excerpt from the very beginning of Dragon Light. I ams till working on it and on DL all together but it is coming slow for now. I would really love some input on it so far and I would also really love to hear your opinions about it. Please be civil to me, though. I can handle tough crits, but I have feelings so try not to hurt them. Let's see... I got a previous crit on the first draft (this is the second) and it was really helpful because it brought to my attention the problem I was having with repeating things too much. I think I really fixed it, though. Very exiting!

Under the cut because it is several pages longCollapse )

So... Yeah... good times. XD Also, if you haven't joined or added this community to your watch, then you should! lol. Or not. I dun care really. Have fun!
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GREAT NEWS! [17 Oct 2006|04:10pm]

Well, I have some great news and a massive update to give. Forgive me for taking so long to do so, but it will be worth it, I am sure.

First order of business, I am announcing that there have been some major changes to the Dragon Light series. One of these includes no longer creating the Endolan language nor going through every single aspect of the world and story with massive amounts of detail planning. This is in no way a bad thing. In fact this change has made me finally able to work on the story. Right now, the planning stages are about half done and the remaining half will be finished before the first of November.

That brings me to my next exciting news! I am writing the first draft of Dragon Light during the month of November in order to Participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is awsome for me because I find that the event has really inspired me and motivated me to write Dragon Light. This also means that I will be willing to share an chapter long excerpt of the first draft. It is still a series, but for the sake of word count, I will be combining it. This is very exciting!

In addition to this, I will be updating sometime soon with the new character information and maybe a little insight about the story since I am finally nailing down the plot. So, look forward to that. I may be doing a couple of drawings too later down the line when I get some more time, but we will see.

So, yes. Characters, plot and all around novel-ness haas been changed, rearranged and bettered. I am excited for this and for NaNoWriMo and I hope that people will be excited about updates and excerpts. Thanks!
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Revisions and an Update! [14 Jul 2006|04:19pm]

Well, I was finally able to buy that program: VoodooPad. It has saved my life with this series. It makes organizing all of my information possible. So, I have been doing a ton of work of the production side of Dragon Light. I revised a TON of the language and alphabet.


ü ă ö ĕ i h w y





I am thinking of posting some of the Creature profiles and Maybe sound files for words and pronounciations. It would be fun and interesting, I think. They may or may not be hidden to non menbers, so beware of that. If you are not a member, then you will NOT be able to view some of the TOP SECRET stuff I write. I am trying to have a map ready for the next entry. look forward to it!
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Important Announcement! [07 May 2006|08:16am]

I am placing any journal that shows ideas or secretive things under friends only. SO, if you are not on the friends list or you have not joined this community, you will NOT be able to see some of the stuff I put. I am going to try to keep as little as I can from Friends Only because I want everyone to be able to see easily, but there are some treasured things that I do not want the whole world to be able to see yet until I am ready.

For example, the journal that will immediately follow this one is going to be more in depth about the Endolan Language and even introducing some new creatures that I have been making up. I want to keep these rather secretive save for the few who may watch this community. I am also trying to work out the name issue still... It looks like I may have to change names for sure.... and it makes me so sad....

So, if you are not added as a member and would like to be, please click the join community button. I am not sure that if you are only watching this community that you will be able to see the friends only stuff (that means you Kiria, you cheeky monkey). So, yes. Make sure you do both or mostly just the join part otherwise you won't see some cool stuff. Also, I am not putting everything under the friends only, but if I do excerpts or other sensitive material, they will be.

Thanks everyone!

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The Dragon Light Language [22 Apr 2006|10:38am]

So, I have been working on the language for Dragon Light. Spent some time last night trying to decide what the cosenants would sound like and I ran into a problem. Originally the Endolan Alphabet was going to remove the letter G from it and instead combine N and G to make the letter NG. The letter N would never be infront of a G in any words unless it were there to form the letter NG and then there would be no solitary letter G. ...Sounds all right, yes? I liked it a lot because it makes a very lovely sound.... but then I realized that there is a huge problem with that. What is the name of one of our main characters? Yes... that's right... EvaNGeline...

This is not the only problem in her name. No. But with that aside let's consider the other character's names as well. So now, I either have to change character names or change the language. I am stuck. I have considered the possibility of changing the spelling of everyone's name... but I am not sure if I could do that. So, I could possibley say that only the characters who come from a place where the language is spoken have to have their name spelled in that language's way. This could work because not everyone will speak the Endolan Language... But it brings back the point that Evangeline's name would still have to change since she is the daughter or an Oracle and Oracles will most definately know the language. ...Maybe her name could be in English anyway in an attempt to make her seem more normal than she is (being and Elacle and all...)

Hmm... What to do... What to do... Would it be too confusing to have 1 or possibley 2 of the main characters' names in Endolan while the rest are in English? ...Maybe... I suppose it could come up in a conversation as well. Kyo`oko's name is spelled in an Endolan sort of manner... Meaning with the backwards apostraphy since I may end up changing the letter spelling depending on the consenants and vowels I choose... But the backwards apostraphy is a sign for an accent... sort of. It almost seperates the letters before it from the letters after it. It makes some lovely sounds. I have also decided that Lelluen's name may change to the spelling Lel`luen or possibley L`luen. As of right now both are pronounced the same... but it may or may not change.

Oh, I just thought I would also put up what the translated alphabet is.

M B D R F V H Ch X S K J N Ng Ts Dj L P


Man I have a lot of work to do!
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Introductions [09 Apr 2006|09:07am]

I feel that introductions and explainations are in order, yes? My name is Nicole and I am the writer of this upcoming fantasy book series called Dragon Light. Originally this series was going to be a series of comic books. After much deliberation, however, I have decided to turn it in to a series of novels. Probably 4 books or at least that is what I am shooting for. I feel that a comic would be too fast paced for the amount of develpement, details and character intrest of the story. With this novel series, I will easily be able to keep all of the interesting and exciting elements that I am brainstorming.

Dragon Light is going through so many changes that it is almost as if I am starting from scratch. The main characters are still the same, though I am changing certain aspects about them, their goals and who they are. Giving them more depth, you could say. The underlying theme of the story is almost the same as it was before with a minor addition to it, I think. But the events are completely changing, the world is going through an extrodinary change along with a lot of place names and such. I have also been in the process of developing a language for this realm, along with a new map. I hope to post the map (or work in progress map) up for everyone to take a look at.

In addition to these things, I would also like to praise my editor, trytofly. She is super awsome and I love her to death. She's been helping me fix things for as long as I can remember. She is the best and when I publish, her name is going right in there in huge letters with lots of hearts. ...well okay maybe not like that but you get the idea. XD I will probably be "self publishing" because this project is not something I am going to get famoous off of... it is for my friends and family and especially my Angel and my Sister.

At any rate, I will be posting all sorts of artwork, excerpts, language learning, etc here for you to enjoy in hopes of building a fan base. Who knows... maybe I will be contacted by a publisher interested in the series. :3
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